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Tell me this isn’t going to be the most beautiful game in Pokémon history.


"Tetsuya Nomura leaves Final Fantasy XV…"


"…to focus on Kingdom Hearts 3"


Character select: Dissidia Final Fantasy

➳ Team 589


The Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer for Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


You know I’m really sick of this trend of setting straight girls up with this dreamboat guy, only to pull the punchline of “HE’S GAY, JOKE’S ON YOU.”

I’m sick of girls, no matter their sexuality, being used as a cheap joke. I’m sick of telling girls that their affections are worthy of being laughed at. I’m sick of the ego some gay boys have, who say shit like “sorry girls I suck cock.”
Just as much as gay men are not to be used as “gay best friend” accessories for girls, girls do not exist to be used as accessories to feed male egos. Straight girls do not exist to validate a gay man’s attractiveness.

I’m sick of the standards for men being so low until they NEED TO APPEAL TO OTHER MEN. I’m sick of men being given special attention when “they actually try” to look good (“oh he cares more about clothes than girls!” “He’s so tidy for a boy!”).

Siiick of it.

Also in movies/books/tv/stories in general: I am sick of typically-viewed-as gorgeous women ending up with typically-viewed-as unattractive, slovenly, completely immature  men. AKA Every Adam Sandler movie ever and every comedy that follows that line.

Because apparently it’s only the girl’s job to be boring and/or stuck up but as attractive as possible. And apparently it’s only the girl’s job to be sensitive enough to “see past” the guy’s appearance and accept him. 

Meanwhile, the guy can be as gross and immature as possible. Writers can create the “loser of all losers” who still somehow ends up with the hyper-sexualized woman. Usually because he’s “just so funny.” 

It’s gotten to the point where even a commercial for anything involving that trope makes me want to puke. Gross. So gross.

Destroy the idea that only girls have to try and put forth their best.